Online Gift

Set up an online account to give your gift directly from your bank account or by credit/debit card. You can set it up as a recurring gift with whatever frequency works for you, or you can make a one-time gift. To do so, follow these instructions: Recurring gift: -Click here to set up an online account or login with a username and password. -Follow the instructions to sign up. -Click on New Donation. -In the left box on the screen, enter new payment information if necessary. Click on Continue Donating once finished. -In the left box, enter a dollar amount in the Dream Big account designation. -In the right box, enter the final payment details (Frequency, Start Date, Number of Gifts, etc). -Click Save, and then through the various pop up windows. -You are done! Thank you for setting up and account and providing a gift! One-time gift: -Click here to go to the One-Time gift page. -Click on the Dream Big account designation. -In the right box, click Continue. -On the next page, fill out the vaious information requested (name, address, email, etc), then click Continue. -Enter the gift amount, date gift should be made, and financial information, then click Continue. -Review the financial details, and then click Submit. -You are done! Thank you for providing a one-time gift!

Give During Service

Simply place your check or cash in the offering basket that comes around during the service you attend, making sure to use a Dream Big envolope.

Give By Mail

Please feel free to mail us your gift. Contributions can be sent to our offices: Thrive Community Church of Grand Forks 1720 S. Washington St. Grand Forks, ND 58201. Please do not send cash.

Non-Cash Gift

Donate non-cash gifts — stocks, bonds, and mutual funds — either as current gifts or as planned gifts as a portion of your estate. If you are interested in any of these types of giving, please contact the Thrive Business Administrator at or call the church office at 701.757.1727

Thank you for choosing to give to the Dream Big campaign!  If you have not yet filled out out a physical or online Commitment Card, please consider doing so prior to making a contribution. 


If you have filled out a Commitment card please make the same choice on this page as the Commitment Card by clicking on the appropriate title below.